Kistemaker, KU, Angels and a Great Night at Home

I have been traveling recently. Indeed, ministry has taken me away for the last week. So it was good to get home last night. One of the things I  miss most is the “church is our house.” I believe that I enjoy calling my family to worship as much as calling a congregation of God’s assembly together. And tonight we broke bread in God’s Word from Hebrews chapter one. For some reason tonight we focused on the angels. Christ is superior to angels and yet we paused for a moment to consider these “ministering spirits” and how God deploys them in our lives. We reflected together in awe and spent time in prayer and praise. Afterward, I continued reading to my family from Memoirs: A Life of Service by Simon J. Kistemaker. This hero of the faith and great New Testament scholar of our time (at Reformed Theological Seminary) has written a wonderfully pastoral memoir that not only brings honor and glory to Christ, but instruction and encouragement to others. Tonight we read about his childhood, fraught with the presence of death in his immediate family, and yet through this we saw how God already was shaping him for ministry. It encouraged us in our own struggles. And I sat down afterward and wrote him a letter of appreciation for how he ministered to our family tonight. Finally, we settled in for the Final Four game. Though we now live in North Carolina, it is hard for us not to pull for the team representing the state where God did so much in our lives. And so we hooped and hollered for the University of Kansas Jayhawks. And now they have won and will face Memphis (representing another state where we lived, but again we will be pulling for those Jayhawks). So we go to sleep, thinking of God’s angels, our Savior, The Lord’s provision (to Dutch boys in the early part of the twentieth century and to us tonight), and KU. Somehow in the midst of this we are also thinking about worship tomorrow on the Lord’s Day. But then again, worshipping God is also what we did tonight at our little “church in our home.” How I thank You Lord for that time. And the KU Victory was nice too.

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Michael A. Milton, Ph.D., MPA (University of Wales; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), is an American Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and author.
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