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Michael%20Anthony%20MiltonBy grace, God has allowed me to express ministry for His glory and, hopefully, others’ good through a variety of ways. One of those has been through music. As this year ends, I give thanks to God, that a second album of reflections in music is released. Follow Your Call, on the label Music for Missions (where a portion of the profits are given, in my case, to Reformed Theological Seminary [RTS]), is now available through iTunesNapster ,Rhapsody,  Aime Street Music emusic and the rest, as well as in hard copies at Amazon (ordering through the Amazon portal, provides an added bonus to student needs by providing a portion of the sale to RTS).Quantcast

Linear notes for Follow Your Call may be found here.

I know that some have a launch party. I missed that one. My wife hosted about 70 folks from our seminary community at our home before Christmas and the idea of asking her to host another party seemed cruel! So, I launch this album this month with a prayer. In this case, the prayer is taken from The Valley of Vision. The prayer is entitled “God’s Cause.” And so I borrow these words and my them, I trust, my own heart’s prayer about the Follow Your Call ministry project:

“Sovereign God,

Thy cause, not my own, engages my heart, and I appeal to thee with great freedom to set up thy kingdom in every place where Satan reigns;

Glorify thyself and I shall rejoice, for to bring honour to thy name is my sole desire.

O that all men might love and praise thee, that thou mightest have all glory…

Let sinners be brought to thee for thy dear name! 

Lord, use me as thou wilt, do with me what thou wilt;

But, O, promote thy cause, let thy Kingdom come, let thy blessed interest be advanced in this world!

O do thou bring in great numbers to Jesus! Let me see that glorious day, and give me to grasp for multitudes of souls; let me be wiling to die to that end; and while I live let me labour for thee to the utmost of my strength, spending time profitably in this work, both in health and in weakness.

It is thy cause and kingdom I long for, not my own.

O, answer thou my request!”

And so I dedicated Follow Your Call to the interests of the Lord Jesus Christ and the converting powers of His Spirit upon the hearts of men.



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I share the bad with the good! For a really tough review, not only on my music but Christian music, in general, read the scathing review at Acoustic Review.

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Michael A. Milton, Ph.D., MPA (University of Wales; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), is an American Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and author.
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