An Occassional Letter on A.N. Wilson, Worldview,Etc

I share this recent letter, a simple occasional letter.

Friends and Colleagues in the Gospel of God’s Grace:
Good morning! You are in my prayers as this day begins.

If you did not see last Friday’s Wall Street Journal Article about AN Wilson’s (long time atheist and antagonist of the Church, as you all know) conversion, this is an encouraging article indeed.

I really liked his concluding statement about what we are seeing when he endure an atheists. It makes me think of Paul’s theology of “love believes all things.”

Also, the Statesman has a piece by AN Wilson himself which he calls “Why I Believe Again,”

I leave it to you to make your call on this. Theism or Christianity? But stranger conversions have happened, including Saul’s and mine. Next: Christopher Hitchens!

On another note, let me say that it is my joy to serve Christ and to see how the Lord is multiplying the ministry of His Son through you. Though travel is heavy for the ministry this summer (and I am editing this email for our Orlando faculty from the airport now, the happy genesis of a summer of preaching, teaching, and appearing on behalf of RTS and today the Army Reserve chaplaincy) I am always available to you one way or another. 

May Christ Jesus be lifted up, His Gospel proclaimed and many souls come to know Christ and others built up in Him through our summer labors of preaching and teaching. And may we all known the refreshment of a change of pace, and being able to spend time with our loved ones.

AN Wilson’s conversion, traveling to minister the Gospel, enjoying our families, and my prayers for you and your influence in the world of ideas are not unrelated. Connecting the dots with a Reformed worldview makes life exciting and meaningful. How joyful I am to see the fruitful ministry of the mind and heart go forward from our seminary to the world of people in need of Christ.

Commending you all to Christ, now, and to the Word of His grace, I am

Yours Faithfully





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Michael A. Milton, Ph.D. (University of Wales, Trinity Saint David's College), is an American Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and author. He is, also, an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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