John Calvin’s 500th Birthday

CalvinPerhaps no figure since St. Paul  has influenced Western civilization like the man born 500 years ago this date, Jean Cauvin (10 July 1509 – 27 May 1564), the pastor-scholar of Geneva. Through the ordinary means of God’s grace in Word, Sacrament and Prayer, Pastor John Calvin impacted law, economics, government, social welfare, family life, civic life, education, and of course the Church.  At the Taste of Calvin 500 conference (sponsored by Reformed Theological Seminary) at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, I presented this paper about The Once and Future Calvin (Published on I offer it today in honor of this truth: God uses human beings who are surrendered to Him to accomplish great things. You may not be a Calvin, but you will most assuredly influence your family for Jesus Christ. And through them, and through the people you touch with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will reach deep into the centuries with the power of His life.

May God raise up courageous men and women of God who will heed the call of the Gospel to bring Christ to every area of life and to do so through the preaching and teaching of the inerrant and infallible Word of the living God. And though no one may celebrate your birth 500 years from now, should Christ tarry, many, as a result of your faith today, will be safe in the arms of Jesus Christ when He comes again. And that will be even more remarkable.

About Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.

Michael A. Milton, Ph.D., MPA (University of Wales; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), is an American Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and author.
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