"My prayer is that gifts of words and music would be offered back to God the Giver, for His glory and for your good. May the creative products be like the waters of the pool of Bethesda, bringing hope and healing to those in need. For this reason I write. For this reason I compose. For this reason I create."

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Small Things, Big Things: Inspiring Stories of God’s Grace (P&R Publishing)

“A pleasure to read: warm, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting.” – Sally Lloyd Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible

“We will never learn to find God in the ordinariness of life until we are taught by someone who has. Mike Milton has been finding God in the ordinary from his first childhood day of poverty in Louisiana. With a pastor’s heart, he obviously longs for us to find Him as well.” – Michael Card

“Who says that ‘theology’ is dull and too other worldly? They must not be referring to this book… each pithy vignette in the most down to earth manner teaches deep theology that will bless your heart… as he writes about grief, trials, joys, and all other aspects of life and reality. Amidst your smiles, memories of home, and bygone days, you will see the truth in each reading.” – Dr. Charles Dunahoo

“Somehow Michael Milton has managed to pack the weight of glory into the nutshell of everyday life. The ‘big things’ of eschatology and theology and doxology and cosmology, bear their souls before us in the ‘small things’ that we can touch and smell and remember so well. A warm-hearted credit to the reformed tradition!” – Dr. John Guest

“A collection of beautifully written stories of true life situations, that helps the reader discover the deep theological truths of God in warm, human stories of common grace. Each beguiling tale unfolds a spiritual truth that will stay with you for the day.” – The Publisher

What God Starts, God Completes: Help and Hope for Hurting People (Christian Focus Publications)

“In this self-disclosing autobiography, Dr. Mike Milton embraces the paradox of strength in weakness. The one who reads this volume runs the risk of finding freedom in captivity to Christ and power in the declaration of dependence on Christ.” – Dr. Robert Smith, Jr., Assoc. Professor, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University

“In this book you will read the account of a man who has been saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, set aside to serve Christ and thus an instrument of God to extend the glory of God and expand the Kingdom of God all by the power of God. Mike Milton’s life unfolded in such an intriguing and interesting manner in this volume reminds us that to be Gospel-saved is to be Gospel-driven and even more importantly to be captured by the love of Christ. Enjoy this page-turner and remember that this same Christ can be yours and you can be His.” Harry L. Reeder ~ Pastor of Preaching & Leadership, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

“From my youth I have sung, ‘I love to tell the story to those who know it best [and] seem hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest.’ Those who know the gospel of Jesus Christ’s saving love never tire of its themes and delight to hear them sung again in the lives of his children. Pastor Mike Milton knows the tune well because it has been sung so beautifully in his life. May this story of salvation bring praise again to our Savior and bring delight to those yet hungering and thirsting to be filled with the goodness of his grace.” Bryan Chapell ~ President, Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, Missouri

What is the Perseverance of the Saints? (P&R Publishing)

“Mike Milton thinks like a scholar, but writes like a pastor. He takes subtle issues and, without dumbing them down, explains them in easy-to-understand terms. This is a wonderful gift to the Church.” – Joel Belz, Senior Editor and Publisher, WORLD Magazine

Giving as an Act of Worship: Faith for Living Series (Wipf and Stock)

“Mike Milton…confronts trickery and cunning device for the purpose of raising money in the church, and focuses on the heart of the giving: a transformed life that leads to generous giving, in every area of one’s possessions, as an act of worship. This is a perfect booklet to use in your next stewardship season or capital campaign.” – PCA Bookstore

Authentic Christianity and the Life of Freedom: Expository Messages from Galatians (Wipf and Stock)

“The reader can expect an appealing mixture of faithful Bible exposition, alert concern for the times in which we live, and heartfelt pastoral application to the lives of real people. Study questions at the end of each chapter.” – The Publisher

Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus: Expository Messages from John 17 (Wipf and Stock)

“For one who has read it many, many times and preached from it over a lifetime of ministry, the writing of Dr. Milton is refreshing and scintillatingly relevant. His writing style is crisp and clear and draws the contemporary reader into the world and content of this ancient prayer.” – The Rev. Dr. John Guest, founder and Rector, Christ Church at Grove Farm, Sewickley, PA

Leaving a Career to Follow a Call: A Vocational Guide to the Ordained Ministry (Wipf and Stock)

“Dr. Milton has provided a biblical, theological, practical, and devotional road-map for those who are ‘Leaving a Career to Follow a Call.’ He combines thoughtful reflection on this own experience and careful study of the Scripture to create a clear guide for an inspiring journey.” – Dr. David B. Calhoun, Professor of Church History, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

Hit by Friendly Fire: What to Do When Christians Hurt You: Faith for Living (Wipf and Stock)

“This is a book for seasoned pastors and newly converted Christians, for idealistic students and cynical saints. It is a book for all of us.” – The Publisher

Cooperation Without Compromise: Faithful Gospel Witness in a Pluralistic Setting (Wipf and Stock)

Dr. Michael Milton . . . deals with the subject head on . . . a must read . . . it is what is needed at this time!” – Chaplain (COL) David Peterson, US Army-R, Former Coordinator, Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Committee on Military Chaplaincy

Following Ben: Expository Preaching as the Power for Frail Followers of Pulpit Giants (Wifp and Stock)

How do you follow a legend in the ministry? Ben Haden provides the Introduction for this message that was delivered at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky and subsequently published as a monograph on expository preaching.

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