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Now What? Some thoughts after the Election on Lessons and Expectations

On the other side of the election, what can we learn? What can we expect? For the believer, our lessons and our expectations are grounded in the Word of the Lord. Our hope for our nation is grounded not in electoral … Continue reading

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Acknowledge the Sin, Accentuate the Grace, Honor the Fathers: Why I love the PCA and RTS

Then he died at a good age, full of days, riches, and honor. And Solomon his son reigned in his place. 1 Chronicles 29.28 There has been some talk lately, quite recently, that has come to me about the publication … Continue reading

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“We Were Made to Go: The Goal of the Gospel for the Entire World” (Acts 13.47b)

This message was the second in a two part series preached at the World Missions Conference at the Scherer Memorial Presbyterian Church in Lake Wylie, South Carolina on March 14th, 2010. Isaiah 49.6; Acts 13.47a Introduction to the Reading I … Continue reading

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“If He is the Hope of the World, Then This is the Challenge of Your Life!”

“And in this passage we see the radical description of life in the kingdom as going from the hope of a Messiah to the glory of His mission.” This is a World Missions Sermon delivered by Mike Milton of Reformed Theological Seminary at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, February 28, 2010. Continue reading

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World Missions Strategy, Mark Baxter and Scriptures to Pray

Christ will win. A new heavens and a new earth is on its way. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has inaugurated a glorious rule and reign that will end with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the judgment, the acquittal … Continue reading

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Missions Conference in Atlanta Area on the Book of Jonah: “Deep and Wide”

Through all of my recent travels, meetings, and even other preaching times, I have had Jonah on my mind. And so I leave now to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Book of Jonah at the wonderful Grace Presbyterian … Continue reading

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The Next Christendom: A Hopeful Message from Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins’ writing is exciting, but his research and findings are even more so. As I read the The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity (in one sitting), I put the book down and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving … Continue reading

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