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The Richness of Biblical Liturgy and A Humble Appeal for Living Worship

On Sunday, August 22 the following messaage was presented as part of the Christian Heritage Conference at Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, NC   The Richness of Biblical Liturgy and a Humble Appeal for ‘Living Worship’[i] John 4.20-26, Psalm 84.1-4 Michael … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on a New Years Sermon Planner

1. Preach, ordinarily, sequentially through books, or least chapters of larger sections. This should form your extended series with others series brought in to add variety and different sorts of Biblical vitamins to the spiritual diet of the saints. 2. … Continue reading

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Which is it? Communion or Eucharist or the Last Supper? Yes.

1 Cor. 10.16-17;20; 11.23-31; John 6.11; 23, 35-42; 48-59 Like a foolish husband arguing with his wife over the true meaning of the word “love,” but failing to embrace his bride, sometimes the Church has got tangled up on words … Continue reading

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