Through the Open Door

Through the Open Door is the third compact disc musical album by Michael Anthony Milton. The release date is pending for January 31 2011. The album features 13 songs, with special guest Michael Card, and is released under the label Music for Missions in conjunction with Bethesda Words and Music.

“Through the Open Door continues in the style of Milton’s previous works as an album which blends folk, bluegrass, rock, and gospel music.  Milton uses images of American life to tie the heart of man to spiritual realities such as the sovereignty of God, our sin and it’s ramifications, our redemption in Christ, and the hope of eternity with God.
Michael Card appears on lead and backing vocals on the song “God is Calling Faithful Men,” a song Milton wrote about the high calling of serving Christ as an undershepherd over the flock of God.” – Music for Missions

Ordering Information

Order the Compact Disc through Amazon or through Music for Missions label directly.

MP3s are available through Amazonand all major online sites.

Linear Notes

Find lyrics, credits, musicians, and other liner notes at this link:

TTOP Notes


As the album is released in January, 2011, reviews will be posted or linked.

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