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Grace in the Trenches: Chaplains on the Front Lines of the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The senior chaplain came to me for counseling, struggling with how he would face the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him square in the eyes, “Chaplain, this nation needs … Continue reading

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The Prince of Peace at the U.S. Army War College

Did you know that the United States Army War College has an ambassador? Ambassador Carol van Voorst lives on post and represents our nation to the numerous high level international students who come to the War College, from the United … Continue reading

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“LIVING THE DREAM, SIR!” Three Things that Keep Ministry (and the Military Chaplaincy) Moving Forward

I am on chaplain duty today. I am ministering at the US Army Chaplain Center and School. I came to instruct, to give my testimony of why I continue to balance the life of civilian ministry: as a seminary chancellor … Continue reading

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Sermon – The Sacred Cycle of Ministry | Preaching.com

A Sermon given to a chaplain conference sponsored by the Chief of Chaplains’ College on Military Preaching now published on Preaching Journal: Sermon – The Sacred Cycle of Ministry | Preaching.com.

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Peter’s Recommitment and Ours: A Message to Army Chaplains about Loving Our Vocation

A message given at the opening of the Chief of Chaplains’ Preaching Conference, September 13, 2010 at the US Army Chaplain Center and School, Ft. Jackson, SC John 21.1-22 It is customary to begin a relationship like this by saying, … Continue reading

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Preaching in Germany

The following is a post from Germany where I am preaching a conference on “Don’t Hold Back: Essentials of the Reformed Faith for Faithful Service in a Pluralistic Setting.” The Lord has blessed this Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplaincy … Continue reading

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Renewing Your Commitment to Christ’s Call: John 21:1-22

The following sermon was given to Military Chaplains and Spouses on Spiritual Retreat at The Cove (Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Asheville, NC) in December, 2009. We all love to beat up on Peter. He is unbridled, braggadocios, embarrassingly bold, and … Continue reading

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Preaching to Chaplains and Wives at the Cove

I am still responding, emotionally, from preaching two nights ago at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s “The Cove” retreat center, near Black Mountain, NC, where I addressed a full house of chaplains and their wives. Many of these chaplains, representing … Continue reading

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Sustained by Your Divine Calling

Amidst the awesome beauty of God’s creation at Garmisch, Germany, I gathered with some chaplains and wives from Europe to reflect upon the essentials of ministry from the Pastoral Epistles. During our time in God’s Word, we discovered four essentials … Continue reading

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Ministering to Our Chaplains in Germany

I am very excited and deeply honored to go and preach the unsearchable riches of Jesus to our chaplains serving in Europe. At a special retreat next weekend in Garmish, Germany, I will join chaplains and families in a time … Continue reading

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