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Is Hollywood Losing its Sheen?

The public disintegration of a television and film celebrity like Charlie Sheen is not only tragic and sad, but tragic and sad because it reflects the core sickness of an entertainment-saturated, celebrity-worshipping culture. Sheen is as much or more a … Continue reading

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Top Tens from a Sick Man on New Years Day

After administering Communion on Christmas Eve, I felt increasingly sicker. I ended up being treated for pneumonia. It produced fatigue, which has meant I have not produced much writing. So, here are some quick thoughts on a top ten list … Continue reading

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Neil Postman, Irene Dunne and the Right Use of Entertainment

When the late, great Neil Postman (1931-2003) wrote that we were Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985) he spoke of a generation that we all know too well. Our money, our priorities, our talk, our time and thus our lives, are … Continue reading

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