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What is a Seminary President?

One retired, well-respected seminary president once told me, soon after I was called to be president of RTS Charlotte, “Mike, here are my two words to you about being a seminary president: first, stay humble. Second, you know all of … Continue reading

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San Antonio Teriyaki, Prayer and Hope for America

I am the only president/chancellor at the ATS Presidents meeting in San Antonio, home of the River Walk and world-famous Tex-Mex restaurants, to dine on shrimp Teriyaki and fried rice at a mall food court. I was lured by a Mexican-American … Continue reading

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On Being a President (or Chancellor-Elect) in a Theological Seminary

Virtually every president or chancellor of a seminary or theological college, in response to a poll, said that it never occurred to them that one day they might be a seminary president. I guess that I am odd. Because I was … Continue reading

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Missions Conference in Atlanta Area on the Book of Jonah: “Deep and Wide”

Through all of my recent travels, meetings, and even other preaching times, I have had Jonah on my mind. And so I leave now to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Book of Jonah at the wonderful Grace Presbyterian … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of a Seminary President: Reflections on Ash Wednesday

Introduction to the ReadingYou have heard the old adage, “I must catch up with the others for I am their leader. Well that is the way that I feel. I sat at my desk yesterday and thought, “Well I am … Continue reading

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