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A Vision That Is Out Of This World

What is your vision for your life? For your ministry? For your family? Arising from your faith? Matthew Henry once wrote that “…Those that sow and those that reap shall rejoice together, in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Simple, Not Complex: Remaining Faithful to Our Vision

I shared these thoughts this morning in a letter to our faculty and staff. I share them with you. Dear Friends in Christ at RTS Charlotte and RTS Orlando: I read a great quote in the WSJ today that I … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians Chapter 15 and the Eschatological Impact of Reformed Theological Seminary

This address was prepared for the administration, faculty and staff, students and supporters of RTS Jackson. I have come here tonight to talk about eschatology. I wonder what you are thinking as I say that. Maybe you are thinking, “I … Continue reading

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Transforming Vision: Entering the New Year with an Optimistic Ministry

   Here is a sermon taken from a charge to a friend when he was installed as a pastor. As you can tell from the text, his name is Kevin. But don’t let that personalized point stop you from thinking … Continue reading

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